Saturday, April 16, 2011

For own sake of future..

Woke up in the middle of the night after feeling something is not being settled. Guess what is the matter?? It is not relate neither my PhD works nor house chores, it involve with my final year student project seminar paper which is not yet corrected.

The 1st draft of seminar paper (read again please...FIRST DRAFT, which means this is the first time i look at it) was just emailed to me from this very 'beautiful person' this evening and this needs to be checked very-very-very prompt because of this 'beautiful person' needs to submit the seminar paper to her evaluator panels this coming monday. What a clever beautiful lady. Do you think that within 1 day or less you can submit the best piece of work and do you think 2nd draft was the final draft??! Too much thinking but no action was bad too..huhuh..

After browsing her paper one shot, I sent her sms telling "I need two weeks to review and comment on your works since there are a lot major corrections".

My dear student..As you are not a primary school little girl, I am sure you can think of what i am trying to tell you and I kept reminding you this semester so that you wont forget as human simply forget. But why is this still happen again..Your teacher thought that you have learnt from the past mistakes (FYP 1).

From my own point of view who started as underdog, the desire to success in life must comes with good self management, discipline, hardwork + doa, and in some cases, brilliant thinking which comes from reading and experiences. Success does not comes easily. Please help yourself before people could help you. The choices are in our hands, whether we want to change or not for the sake of own future and benefits others, InsyaAllah for more barakah. This is a big reminder for myself. The idea might be wrong. Don't take it as 100% correct. 

My dear students..I treat all of you as my own children..I'm happy to see your accomplishment in life although as a housewife (sgt tinggi martabat menguruskan rumah tangga dengan baik & berilmu for the ladies). For gentle men, please find great jobs or set up own business out there..My doa will always be with all of you.