Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why you grow up so fast, adik.

Look, she's already 2 y.o. Oh grew up in a blink of eye from my perspective. You wanna know why adik? Coz you can talk like an 'orang tua' already (ditambah perisa dengan slang utagha)...yet you are still small adik. Please wait for mama to catch you up dear.

No abah this year..

However, we have our beloved opah & wan to celebrate with..Again for the second year, Fatin's birthday was celebrated at granny's home.

I can say, Fatin inherit a balance traits of her parents', me and my husband. Not to discuss further. I'm sure all parents want the best for their children. Work for it and pray to Allah. I could also experience dissimilar case in raising up both of them.That's the beauty of life.

Last but not least, can you see what is the time this post was published?? I should continue with my grant application since I have promised my co-sv to submit to her tomorrow although my spirit and soul was more to bed...huwaaa..tomorrow is Saturday maa....


** Blog sebagai pengubat ngantuk aku sebenarnya...pheewww...