Friday, September 21, 2012

Part 2: Kembara ilmu ke 'Krabi' bersama Tihani & Az Zahra

Here the journey continue..

Krabi or Crabby ?

Krabi, here we come !

Early morning on the second day, after performing Solat Subuh at Masjid Wilayah Krabi, we stopped at a restaurant located in Krabi town at around 7 am (Thai time). I tasted Roti Canai and Nasi Kerabu and they were just perfect for my throat. By the way, entering Thailand means that you should adjust your watch 1 hour later to suit Thai time.

Halal Restaurant selling Roti Canai and variety of Nasi

The next pit stop waz here.

Jee-Or nama tempat ni. Souvenir shop.

Ada tempat berposing kat 'Jee-Or' ni

Test power camera la konon.

Souvenir stalls lagi... Kat sini banyak hasil laut dari cangkerang (shells).

Pusat Penyelidikan Ikan & Penyu, Krabi. 
This place was developed for research purposes besides welcoming the presence of students and public visitors.

Tengok orang bagi makan ikan besar.

Ikan sebesar ni ada dalam kolam tu.

Boleh pegang penyu..

Cow-fish yang camera-friendly

Finally at 1.30 pm, we managed to checked-in our Hotel - Golden Hill Hotel. Our last shower was yesterday's evening. Therefore, the feelings of relaxing was not there to continue the journey. Everybody needs to recharge.

An outskirt hotel with free WIFI
Planning for night activities? Krabi night market in town center only operate on weekends.
Painting the green busker. Seems like he was immune to tickle.

Till we meet again on Part 3 for more exciting and adventurous journey we promise. Bye!