Thursday, December 29, 2011

Amekkaww !

This morning...

Aku:  Encik, saya student baru Dr ...., boleh saya tau kat mana ultrasonic stirrer?
Technician : (Sambil bawak aku) Yang ni..
Aku: (Awat takdak tempat letak probe ni..) Encik, katmana nak letak probe?
Technician:Yang ni awk letak ja bekas dlm air ni dan kacau sendiri..
Aku: oo...Encik, kat lab ni ada berapa jenis alat untuk mix chemical liquid?
Technician: Kita ada ..bla..bla..bla..
Aku: Saya rasa saya nak guna mechanical stirrer ni lah..boleh dak saya nak guna ni sebagai probe utk kacau? (Sambil bawak keluaq chopstick bamboo..bukan aku nak buat lawak, mmg aku serius nak kacau pakai chopstick tu supaya senang lepaih guna baling tong sampah terus)
Technician: (senyum menyindir) Awk ni student mstr ke phd? Byk benda awk taktau? Awk belajaq kat mana dulu?
Aku: Mintak maap cik, sy tak pernah masuk lab ni. Sy student ..., belajaq dulu kat UTHM & UK . (Buat muka kesian).
Technician: UTHM..ape tu?? Hmmm UK (sambil tersengih)
Aku: UTHM tu kat bla..bla.. (Yalah..Belajaq sampai UK tapi tanya soalan bodoh gamaknye..)
Technician: (Pi masuk bilik dia ambik probe mech stirrer tu tadi). Ni probe dia, tapi selalunya student beli sendiri sebab..bla..bla..bla..(dia dok bagi ceramah dekat 5 minit pasai probe tu). Sy bukan takmau bagi probe ni, tapi lepaih guna kena bagi bersih, licin macam ni jugak.
Aku: (walaweiii....) Takpala encik, saya balik dulu, clearkan dulu saya nak guna yang mana. Byk benda saya nak kena ambik tau lagi ni (aku bercakap dgn penuh rendah diri dan sopan santun sintun).

Huh..baik aku pi beli probe sendiri, silap aribulan probe tu rosak naya aku. Ha..amekkaw, dulu bukan main sedap bg arahan kat student, " ok..awk campur ni campur ni..pastu masukkan filler ni..kacau sekian sekian rpm, set masa 10 minit." Bende senang setakat nak kacau ni pun aku dah kelam kabut.

I do need learning by doing. Skills can't be earned through only by reading. Need to do more field work to test my knowledge.

What a decent therapy I have today.. :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


2-3 hari ni, budak2 ni asyik gaduh-nangis, nangis-gaduh..Kakak paling senang nangis, adik pulak asyik buli kakak. Adik ni perangai lebih kepada mama, agresif, garang, nak gadoh je..Kakak pulak perangai lebih kepada mama, sensitif, sikit2 nak nangis..Sudah..eloklah tu, dua-dua ikut perangai aku. war okay budak2..

Tido lah kat mana pun asal korang tak gaduh dan bahagia sentiasa..

Demi budak kecik yg manja tahap gaban ni jugak, mama cancel lah conference mama dalam masa terdekat ni.

QiR 2011, Bali Island

3rd RCNRM 2010, Langkawi

 WEC 2010, Kuching

Where to next? Budak-budak, korang nak pegi mana?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Treat for solehah girl

Its been a week plus we've been staying without MFS around. Nothing much changed. I am still in stable emotion since the kiddos didn't ask much about their father. I am being mischievous by asking them, "Abah balik nanti mama pegi Amerika boleh?" and SAZ replied "Ala..taknakla" dengan muka monyok. The sincere response makes me think of reviewing my future plan for next year.  The target must be cannot leave out the kids.

My early morning routine were still disorder. Woke up 1 hour earlier than usual will be much better to avoid chaotic I guest. Prepare SAZ to kindergarten, FT to her baby sitter and feed them before going. Indeed, a very good exercise for me especially to cut down the nightmare weight. bad..increasing 2kgs weight last month. Well, who care..:)

I planned something for SAZ today since we have been stucked in the house this few days. Only two of us, we went to Jusco Bandar Baru Perda, which was approximately 35minutes driveway from home via highway okkk..errkk..

 My precious SAZ was having her favorite BR ice cream and her lovable cinnamon sugar pretzel..She just loved sweet treats. Like her mom..ehe..

The special treat was due to her outstanding achievements in her Fardhu Ain school, 'Tahfiz Impian Kasih'. Very well done dear..

Both of us were also having fun watching Puss in Boots. I spent my precious time to the fullest with my SAZ today and I really feel contented to see her smiling face. Semoga perasaan rindu SAZ pada abah dia akan hilang sedikit memandangkan setiap malam dia tidur dgn abah dia. Be strong girl.

 Babah waz here..

 Hi babah! Babah & automation, automation & babah, both are best friends.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just chill..

He'll be moving to the States very very soon. Yes, indeed he'll be leaving us for 3 months. The longest period we've ever stayed without him before this was just two weeks. Let's time decide. I hope the kids and I will be able to stay the way we are, though without him around.

Monday, October 10, 2011

She passed the basic conversation

Since I sent SAZ to one of the so called 'International Kindergarten' by the locals in Nibong Tebal, her capability in English Communication is never been tested in front of me. One day, while we were having our late lunch at Dimiral's Grill (western restaurant owned by a Malay Doctor) where the workers (waiters) are all foreigner, SAZ was asked a few questions by them.

Woker: What is your name?
SAZ: Syifa
Worker: How old are you?
SAZ: Five (showing her 5 fingers)
Worker: Do you want ice cream?
SAZ: Yes.. (nodding her head)
Worker: What flavor do you want?
SAZ: Chocolate.

Very well done girl ! I just staring with patience at their conversation. As I know, since little, SAZ is a very shy person especially when confronted with strangers or people she rarely met. She will zip her mouth and looking at me or her father to answer on behalf of her if she was questioned. The above conversation might seem too easy or simple, but for me, she had impressed me a lot with her progress. Besides, she also had impressed me with unexpected answer while we were shopping.

Me: Syifa, you stay here, I want to get something. Pls do not touch anything on the rack okay.
SAZ: Mama, I already touched ..(with big grinned)
Me: My dear..

It is a pleasure to have teachers who had put much efforts to train my SAZ. I mustn't deny that I can't do that not because of not enough time or busy, but truthfully due to my less patience in teaching the kids.

SAZ was sent to Fardhu Ain class from 3 to 5 pm. I'll write more about her progress on the different aspect in future.

"I mustn't feel proud of myself for not able to teach my kids as a real mother does. Please forgive me."


Friday, October 7, 2011

To him..

Triple congratulations to you, Mr M** for the glorious year of 2011.

May these achievements boost up your motivation (hmm no, my motivation to be exact) which always fluctuating every day and then..Ehehehe..I know you read my blog, but very sombong to comment on this low class blog..theehehe.. I know la my English is terrible..So beware, I feel jealous u know. I'll make sure i'll be at least at par with you, or beat u one day. Muahaha..just kidding..I know, the more barakah position for me is behind you and also beside the kids. I know, i know..:) I should put efforts on both.

So, what about you do the cooking again tonight and I will fold the bulky unfold clothes..Deal?! (kuang3x...)

**Moral of the story, bersedialah juga sekiranya mendapat ujian dari-Nya atau ditarik nikmat dariNya dan berdoalah agar dijauhkan dari ujian yang tidak tertanggung.
Rasulullah SAW bersabda :-
Barangsiapa yang bangun di pagi hari dan hanya DUNIAWI yang difikirkannya, sehingga seolah-olah ia TIDAK MELIHAT hak Allah dalam dirinya, maka Allah akan menanamkannya 4 penyakit :-
1. KEBINGUNGAN dan KESEDIHAN yang tiada putus-putusnya.
2. KESIBUKAN yang tidak pernah ada habisnya.
3. KEPERLUAN yang tidak pernah terpenuhi.
4. KHAYALAN dan CITA-CITA yang tidak pernah kesampaian.
(Hadis Riwayat Imam Thabrani)
Jarang sy letakkan entry siap dgn hadis macam ni sebab rasa diri ni memang tak layak langsung. Selalunya, pembacaan hanya untuk rujukan & motivasi diri sendiri, bukan untuk dikongsi sebab malu dgn diri sendiri pun tak seberapa. Tapi riwayat kat bawah ni menjadi sumber inspirasi.
Para sahabat r.a bertanya: “Ya Rasullullah s.a.w, kami tidak akan menyuruh orang untuk berbuat baik sebelum kami sendiri mengamalkan semua kebaikan dan menjauhi semua kemungkaran.” Maka Nabi s.a.w bersabda: “Tidak, bahkan serulah orang untuk berbuat baik, meskipun kalian belum mengamalkan semuanya. Dan cegahlah kemungkaran, meskipun kalian belum menghindari semuanya.” (H.R. Thabrani)

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Currently facing problems to open my word document...Arghhhhhhhhh!!!

Adakah disebakan faktor banyak software sy sumbat dalam lappy nih. Solid works, matlab, minitab, etc..Belum masuk FEA software lagi. Semuanya men troblesome kan dan menyesakkan keupayaan operasi lappy sy. Semoga lappy saya sihat sampai selesai segala-segalanya. Atau adakah sy perlukan plan B, beli high end PC ??

Kerja saya tergendala hari ini. Sekian...

Eh, jom kita MAKAN dulu !!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Budak kuat nangis & banyak cakap

Introducing latest pic of this so manja girl..lil cheeky FT

Sangatlah clingy to mama & abah..takleh tahan..selagi dia tak tido mmg wajib mengadap dia. Sila lupakan kerja-kerja sekolah ye.
Sangat cheeky wokeyy
Kalau nangis volume mesti maximum, jiran sebelah forsure dengar.
Her vocab is like when Syifa was 3 years old, very fast learner.
She is the January born girl, 7th January 2010.

FT's @ Bali Island
  Remarkable view of Indian Ocean with sturdy waves, suitable for surfing.
Only us, we left abah & kakak at home. FT and grannies accompanied mama for conference trip. Mama will try to bring adik where ever mama go. InsyaAllah.

~ The end ~

Friday, May 27, 2011

They are cousins

Their spontaneous action looks pretty. Check it out!

~Jiha, Opah & Syifa~

Opah is 60 this year. Happy Birthday Opah ! Opah was blessed with 4 granddaughters and 1 grandson (at the moment). We always pray for your happiness ever after..

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kerja tak pernah habih..

Bila rasa tertekan dengan kerja research di tengah hari ni...saya pun buka blog saya. Dan saya pun create new post... (Rajin update blog sekarang ni ye)

Kenapa saya mesti stress, ramai lagi org lain di serata ceruk dunia yg lagi susah dan stress dgn macam-macam jenis masalah. Dan saya pun pernah merasa tertekan satu ketika dahulu akibat kepenatan. Hok ni masalah ni saya cari sendiri..sendiri cari takyahla nak mengadu domba.

Shopfloor engineer a.k.a cleaner kehormat (gambar di atas)..heheh.. ketika menuntut MSc di Coventry sekitar tahun 2007 dan 2008.Woke up as early as 6am, tunggu bas kat jalan besar depan rumah untuk ke Woolworth Hypermarket nih. Habis kerja pukul 8.30am, rush naik bas ke Coventry Univ untuk masuk kelas yang start pukul 9am. Memang terkocoh-kocoh, penat jantung makcik ni berfungsi. Begitulah hari-hari selama 5 hari seminggu. Tapi memang slim la..aww..Turun 5kg. Uwekk, nak muntah baca. Andai masa diulang, rasanya takmau buat dah mcm nih. Tapi Alhamdulillah, dalam kelas tak mengantuk pulak dan boleh focus, masa undergrad dulu asyik terrtdo jek dalam kelas. Haipp, bukan semua kelas ye..kelas yang susah nak paham jek..(Yang ni tak bagus, jangan ikut tau)

Karen, promoter kat tempat kerja saya.

Gambar atas ni pulak keje once a week jek. Newspaper distributor-Coventry Observer. Kalau kena distribute hari-hari, mmg saya mintak resign awal2 lah. Itu pun saya banyak ngelat, husband saya yang banyak hantar. Keje ni pun boleh membahayakan jantung anda sebab kadang2 bila kita letak paper ni kat postbox depan pintu, tiba2 anjing menyalak kuat dan lompat kat pintu tu. Memang tekojut den. Keje ni yang bestnya boleh pegi keje bawa anak skali. Yg si kecik berbaju merah dlm gamba tu, itulah pembantu setia saya. Walaupun dalam snow, dia tetap peneman yang setia sambil krup krap krup krap makan biskut tesco. Bila penat, lepak jap kat taman sambil tengok pigeon. Push chair yang saya gunakan untuk letak newspaper tu memang sangat berjasa. Graco brand gedabak besar kan. Dah selamat dah saya jual dekat carboot dengan harga 20pound..Wah..berbaloi-baloi..Kalau ada masa nanti saya letak gambar kenangan berniaga di carboot UK sebelum kami berangkat pulang ke Malaysia untuk let go barang-barang rumah yang tak dibawa balik.

Tinggal kenangan dan pengalaman semua tu..Ok, back to work, 2nd paper to be submitted before 8 Mei.

**Entry motivasi untuk saya kembali semangat bekerja dengan kesenangan yang ada.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

For own sake of future..

Woke up in the middle of the night after feeling something is not being settled. Guess what is the matter?? It is not relate neither my PhD works nor house chores, it involve with my final year student project seminar paper which is not yet corrected.

The 1st draft of seminar paper (read again please...FIRST DRAFT, which means this is the first time i look at it) was just emailed to me from this very 'beautiful person' this evening and this needs to be checked very-very-very prompt because of this 'beautiful person' needs to submit the seminar paper to her evaluator panels this coming monday. What a clever beautiful lady. Do you think that within 1 day or less you can submit the best piece of work and do you think 2nd draft was the final draft??! Too much thinking but no action was bad too..huhuh..

After browsing her paper one shot, I sent her sms telling "I need two weeks to review and comment on your works since there are a lot major corrections".

My dear student..As you are not a primary school little girl, I am sure you can think of what i am trying to tell you and I kept reminding you this semester so that you wont forget as human simply forget. But why is this still happen again..Your teacher thought that you have learnt from the past mistakes (FYP 1).

From my own point of view who started as underdog, the desire to success in life must comes with good self management, discipline, hardwork + doa, and in some cases, brilliant thinking which comes from reading and experiences. Success does not comes easily. Please help yourself before people could help you. The choices are in our hands, whether we want to change or not for the sake of own future and benefits others, InsyaAllah for more barakah. This is a big reminder for myself. The idea might be wrong. Don't take it as 100% correct. 

My dear students..I treat all of you as my own children..I'm happy to see your accomplishment in life although as a housewife (sgt tinggi martabat menguruskan rumah tangga dengan baik & berilmu for the ladies). For gentle men, please find great jobs or set up own business out there..My doa will always be with all of you.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Di suatu malam selepas maghrib..

Adik jatuh dari sofa, kepala dulu dalam keadaan mengiring. Uwaaaaa....(sekuat hati sambil pegang kepala)

Mama: Kakak!!! kakak duduk tepi adik kenapa tak sambut adik!! Kakak tak sayang adik ke!! (Sambil memeluk erat adik untuk menenangkannya. Air mata mama dah menitik. Sebelah tangan lagi cubit peha dan telinga kakak) 

Kakak: (Lari menyorok bawah meja sambil teresak-esak..)

Abah: Kakak kecik lagi..tak sengaja tu..

Suasana dah kembali tenang bila adik dah kembali tersenyum dan gelak-gelak.

Mama: Tadi kenapa kakak tak tolong selamatkan adik?

Kakak: (Dalam dok ceria main dengan adik, air mata dia menitik). Mama jangan marah kakak. Kalau marah nanti Allah tak sayang. Masuk api neraka. Kakak sayang mama..

Mama: (Peluk kakak sambil bagi penjelasan kenapa dia kena marah..dan juga minta maaf pada kakak sebab tanpa fikir panjang mama cubit dia)

Oh Allah, please make my Syifa a good muslimah and please make her never miss her solat. Amin..

**SAZ, anak yang lembut hatinya dan sangat sensitif. Setiap teguran perlu dibuat secara lembut dah berhemah.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The news brighten up my day

Dear AHAR,

Thank you for submitting your paper for the 12th International Conference on Quality in Research (QiR) 2011. Please find attached the official notification of paper acceptance.

Your paper has been reviewed and we are pleased to announce that it is accepted and your paper is selected to be published in Advanced Materials Research. If you agree to publish in Advanced Materials Research (AMR) Journal, please sign the copyright transfer and reformatting your manuscript to the AMR template. 
The copyright transfer and AMR template are attached. Manuscript that is published in the AMR, will not be included in the Conference Proceeding, but will be included in the Abstract / Program Book.
Syukur..Alhamdulillah. Moga insan kerdil ini tidak lupa untuk sentiasa bersyukur atas rahmat yang diberikan dan bersabar atas ujian-ujian yang diturunkan.

Al-fatihah untuk bapa mertua, Allahyarham Haji Shaari Ali yang pergi meninggalkan kami pada 5 March 2011. Semoga roh arwah ditempatkan dikalangan yang soleh disisiNya.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pleasure weekend

 Si mata sepet with unstable vision still cannot keeps away sports in her life...

with adiks-adiks..(memang feel young at heart abiss..uhuk..uhuk..tebatuk plak)

 She ends up in 3rd place..

The words of the spirit from PPBSM Dean, Prof Ahmad Fauzi...
"Lose once, doesn't mean u lose for ever "
Isn't that means i have to try again next year ?? :) :)

 Our evening activities..These were the greatest part..
Exploring night markets: location - Sg Bakap & Parit Buntar (no photos by the way)
Playing around house compound

 my girls..

The end..

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Health is Wealth

One month has gone. 35 months left for us to endure before going back to Johor. That doesn’t mean the test given by Allah on us will impede by the time we move back to Johor. We have to be prepared all the time to strengthen and preserve our iman to be a better person and avoid ourselves from choosing the wrong path. Life is full of uncertainties. Life is full of expectation, fun, up and down. What a life we got. Never been bored!

I had suffered for conjunctivitis since last 8 days. The virus started from my little FT, then goes to me, infects my father then and finally went to MFS. Speedy chain reaction huh… Yesterday was really a tough day for me as my eye felt sharp pain, like my eye ball covered with sand. Uhh… sangat2 pedih… Can’t even open my eyes and I can’t expose my eyes to any source of light too. Tears dropping frequently and it makes me feel uncomfortable to stay close to my kids as I’m afraid I might send the virus to them. Poor them. Due to the bad health condition of me, I managed to get a good quality slept during day time for 4 hours without any interference. Woke up at nearly 6 in the evening, I felt myself very2 worthless for not doing anything all day long. So I plan to cook very simple dish for my family. It took 12 minutes for me to clean the rice, 25 minutes for the raw materials preparation, 30 minutes for cooking (dengan mata tekebil-kebil) and another 15 minutes for hygienic task. Sigh..1 ½ hours for a simple cooking which I used to do it less than 45 minutes usually.

Alhamdulillah, today I am getting a lot better. We went out to have lunch since I have been stuck in the house for health reason. FT’s eyes also have shown recovery. But hang on… while I was typing this entry, my 1st daughter SAZ came to me and ask me to look at her left eye. Ohh dear… Besides giving her medication to avoid more severe eyes, mama can only prays for your good health. After all, we can only plan for the best, but Allah plan is above all. No matter how comprehensive and precise my PhD gantt chart was, I was not the one who can assure that the entire plan can be run smoothly.

~A mother, who is really a mother is never free~

Monday, January 24, 2011


Walla !! Apa macam new background ? Ok ka.. Mood di pagi hari ni adalah mood untuk letak gambar-gambar yang ceria. Maka inilah hasilnya, fresh veggie! Tadaa.... Kalau blog ni diberi nafas baru pada malam hari, rasanya hasilnya akan bertukar kepada gambar background yang lebih malap warnanya atau gambar-gambar sains & teknologi yang memeningkan kepala sebagai mana tuan blog ni yang sentiasa tak stabil untuk bulan Januari ni..huhuh..Saya akan meneruskan penggunaan bahasa pasar dalam blog ni bagi meringankan jari-jemari saya untuk menaip dengan lebih pantas memandangkan saya ni bukanla penulis blog yang tegarrr yang mana blognya senantiasa di 'cite' atau dijadikan rujukan oleh pembaca.

Tanggal 1/01/2011, barang2 saya selamat mendarat di rumah sewa baru di Nibong Tebal, Seberang Perai Selatan, Pulau Pinang. Mendarat menggunakan penggangkutan darat, iaitu lori 20 footer yang sarat tak terperi. Tahniah kepada team lori sebab hasil perancangan logistik yang amat2 baik, semua barang2 berjaya dinaikkan, disumbatkan, dipadatkan dengan jayanya. Kalau saya yang jadi logistik manager saya rasa mesti ada brg yang kene tinggal sebab tak muat. Well done..well done..Di kesempatan ini juga, saya ingin mengucapkan berbanyak2 terima kasih kepada anak2 didik saya dan suami seramai 12 orang yang bertungkus-lumus membantu mengangkat barang2 kami terutamanya menghadapi cabaran ketika menurunkan almari-almari dari tangga rumah yang curam dan tinggi itu. Gambar memang takdala memandangkan saya sendiri dalam keadaan yang agak kelam kabut menguruskan kakak yang lasak dan adik yang manja tak hengat..

Januari, 3hb merupakan tarikh saya dan suami memulakan pengajian di USM Transkrian. Alhamdulillah proses pendaftaran berjalan dengan lancar. Segala urusan disempurnakan dalam masa lebih kurang 2 jam. Sebaik selesai mendaftar, diberikan opis di bilik post-grad, kami terus kembali ke rumah bagi menyelesaikan urusan2 rumah dan menjaga si kecil FT yang tak sihat sejak kami berpindah. Sehingga ke hari ini, dah 3 minggu fatin masih tak sihat malah bertambah pula dengan 'sakit mata' yang teruk menyebabkan saya juga tidak dapat fokus dgn study sepenuh masa di opis ketika waktu bekerja. Kerja-kerja yang perlu dibuat hasil perbincangan dengan sv dan co-sv dah banyak yang menanti, tapi saya masih belum mendapat rentak. Saya juga diberi tugasan untuk mengajar lab pelajar undergraduate bagi subjek Metallurgy.

Januari juga merupakan bulan kelahiran FT yang pertama, iaitu pada 7/01/2011. Sebijik kek besar SR tu dihabiskan dengan jayanya oleh kakaknya, SAZ dalam masa 3 hari sahaja. Memanglah boleh dikategorikan sebagai penggemar kek tegar. Happy Birthday sayang ! Walaupun adik sambut birthday pertama dalam keadaan tak sihat, tapi adik tetap ceria lari sana sini dan mama dah bagi green light untuk adik pakai kasut kat luar rumah untuk jalan-jalan. Bagi FT, banyak perkara yang saya tak sempat nak risau dari segi perkembangannya memandangkan kebolehannya meniarap, merangkak, berjalan, tumbuh gigi, dan respon lebih cepat berbanding yang saya jangkakan satakat ini.

23 Januari pula rumah Abah n Mama di Taiping dimasuki pencuri ketika mereka berada di KL. Antara barang yang dicuri adalah TV LCD, anniversary coins, jam tgn yang dah rosak, hset yang dah rosak, NESCAFE paket, SUSU PEKAT dan COKLAT dalam peti ais.WHAATTT! susu pekat, nescafe n coklat pun dah jadi bahan curi ke la ni. Oohh ok, mungkin harga barang2 tu pun dah naik sekarang ni yea dan pencuri tak mampu nak beli. Syukur segala duit, brg kemas, dokumen penting abah bawa ke KL. Syukur juga abah dan mama selamat.

Itulah cerita Januari saya..Semoga anda semua mempunyai Januari yang gembira dan bermanfaat.

Gambar bawah adalah anak saudara saya yang terbaru. Adam Faris, anak ke-3 abang & kakak ipar saya. Dilahirkan pada 27 November 2010. Adam dan Fatin sebaya umur mereka. Dua-dua dilahirkan tahun 2010.

Sebaya tapi tak serupa

Adam tengok Fatin. Tunggulah saya besaq esok2..

p/s; ada tips nak cepatkan sembuh sakit mata tak??