Thursday, February 3, 2011

Health is Wealth

One month has gone. 35 months left for us to endure before going back to Johor. That doesn’t mean the test given by Allah on us will impede by the time we move back to Johor. We have to be prepared all the time to strengthen and preserve our iman to be a better person and avoid ourselves from choosing the wrong path. Life is full of uncertainties. Life is full of expectation, fun, up and down. What a life we got. Never been bored!

I had suffered for conjunctivitis since last 8 days. The virus started from my little FT, then goes to me, infects my father then and finally went to MFS. Speedy chain reaction huh… Yesterday was really a tough day for me as my eye felt sharp pain, like my eye ball covered with sand. Uhh… sangat2 pedih… Can’t even open my eyes and I can’t expose my eyes to any source of light too. Tears dropping frequently and it makes me feel uncomfortable to stay close to my kids as I’m afraid I might send the virus to them. Poor them. Due to the bad health condition of me, I managed to get a good quality slept during day time for 4 hours without any interference. Woke up at nearly 6 in the evening, I felt myself very2 worthless for not doing anything all day long. So I plan to cook very simple dish for my family. It took 12 minutes for me to clean the rice, 25 minutes for the raw materials preparation, 30 minutes for cooking (dengan mata tekebil-kebil) and another 15 minutes for hygienic task. Sigh..1 ½ hours for a simple cooking which I used to do it less than 45 minutes usually.

Alhamdulillah, today I am getting a lot better. We went out to have lunch since I have been stuck in the house for health reason. FT’s eyes also have shown recovery. But hang on… while I was typing this entry, my 1st daughter SAZ came to me and ask me to look at her left eye. Ohh dear… Besides giving her medication to avoid more severe eyes, mama can only prays for your good health. After all, we can only plan for the best, but Allah plan is above all. No matter how comprehensive and precise my PhD gantt chart was, I was not the one who can assure that the entire plan can be run smoothly.

~A mother, who is really a mother is never free~


  1. oh dear rin....dugaan rin ni...about your eyes tu...8 days is long for eye infection...maybe u need to go and see the dr again darling....

    bila baca ur entry ni...i was smiling when i come across the grant chat...hahaha...yap matter how perfect our plan is...still..allah paln is always something that we cant never predict kan...

    i miss ur darls...memang ternanti2 ur update....memang tertunggu2 nak tengok gambar ank2 rin...rindu masa dekat uk dulu..kalau nak jumpe aje singgah rumah rin dah kedai pakistan kat belkang tu...huhuhu...

    kiss for them..and may allah make ur task easy in this dunia and akhirat rin ....amin

  2. Ct,

    Thanks a lot ct..really2 appreciate your thoughts and kindness. Skrg dah senang skit nak update blog coz dah ada streamyx kat umah. Kalau tak dulu mcm siput..lambat..:) Rindu gak nak jumpa uols..Takda plan nak jenjalan penang ke?? Mesti singgah tau!

  3. Rin

    I pray for you and your family's fully recovery, dear. Amin.

    Take care.

    p.s CT dear, nape private kn blog then tak invite aku? huhu..miss u dear!