Friday, December 9, 2011

Treat for solehah girl

Its been a week plus we've been staying without MFS around. Nothing much changed. I am still in stable emotion since the kiddos didn't ask much about their father. I am being mischievous by asking them, "Abah balik nanti mama pegi Amerika boleh?" and SAZ replied "Ala..taknakla" dengan muka monyok. The sincere response makes me think of reviewing my future plan for next year.  The target must be cannot leave out the kids.

My early morning routine were still disorder. Woke up 1 hour earlier than usual will be much better to avoid chaotic I guest. Prepare SAZ to kindergarten, FT to her baby sitter and feed them before going. Indeed, a very good exercise for me especially to cut down the nightmare weight. bad..increasing 2kgs weight last month. Well, who care..:)

I planned something for SAZ today since we have been stucked in the house this few days. Only two of us, we went to Jusco Bandar Baru Perda, which was approximately 35minutes driveway from home via highway okkk..errkk..

 My precious SAZ was having her favorite BR ice cream and her lovable cinnamon sugar pretzel..She just loved sweet treats. Like her mom..ehe..

The special treat was due to her outstanding achievements in her Fardhu Ain school, 'Tahfiz Impian Kasih'. Very well done dear..

Both of us were also having fun watching Puss in Boots. I spent my precious time to the fullest with my SAZ today and I really feel contented to see her smiling face. Semoga perasaan rindu SAZ pada abah dia akan hilang sedikit memandangkan setiap malam dia tidur dgn abah dia. Be strong girl.

 Babah waz here..

 Hi babah! Babah & automation, automation & babah, both are best friends.