Friday, May 4, 2012

Expect the unexpected

Uik ! Apa kes pulop aku dijemput jadi reviewer ni. IEEE conference pulak tu. Diri sendiri punya paper pun dok menggagau lagi. Ape pun aku accept jugak invitation ni sebagai menambah pengalaman dan ilmu di dada. Echeche... (yeker tew..). Dah nama pun academician, jangan banyak komplen, dah memang keje aku lar tu. (Huk..huk..huk..walaupun keje aku bertambah, aku pasrah..:) peace..)

Dear Mrs. Azrin Hani Abdul Rashid:

You have been recommended for your expertise. It is our pleasure to take this opportunity to invite you and render your expertise to ISBEIA 2012 by providing technical reviews and participation in this research sharing gathering. Your support will help ensure trend of excellence and is poised to reach new milestones in years to come.

We would like to invite you to join forces, and register as a reviewer and serve on the technical program committee for ISBEIA 2012 (2012 IEEE Symposium on Business, Engineering & Industrial Applications).

Zulhabri Ismail
General Chair, ISBEIA 2012

p/s: Malam ni stay up review paper. Say no to malas2. Play more, learn more. Eh silap, review more, learn more. Kennn..