Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What should be the title?

MFS will be leaving The States tomorrow. Yet, there was a sudden heavy snow in Nevada. In addition, he's not felling well. Good and no so good news for me. All I can do is to pray so that Allah will make the best arrangements for us. Being a single mom isn’t that easy for me. It makes me realize that every kid needs loves and attention from a person called ‘father’. I try to act both (being mom and dad) to them, but I noticed, I failed to do so. I might have strength and perseverance on the first month, but it was progressively diminished as time flown. Besides, the kids sometimes being inconsiderate (how should I put the words in modest way), I myself lose my judgment and deliberation. It was indeed not a fine circumstance to stay longer especially for the grown up kids like ‘em.

 p/s: I noticed that my previous 2 entry was written in Malay. My friend telling me that 'hang dah makan dalam kot buat research paper'..Ehehe.. Well yea, memang makan dalam pun. Since sy ni tak bape pandai Bahasa Inggeris and I have a very poor vocab, it took me ages to put words in a proper sentences. So bila nak tulis blog, I felt like really tired to find English words. Why must I write in English? I did this blog on purpose. Few reasons on the list. To be frank the top reason was to improve my English writing skills and widen my vocab. So guys, don't get me wrong.