Friday, January 20, 2012

They are all safe with me..

Halo babah, not too worry okay. Your 'pokok' are all safe under my supervision..ngeh3x..Punya takut pokok2 MFS ni mati, tiap-tiap hari mesti bagi mandi dulu sebelum bagi mandi anak-anak.

See, I did not lie you...

Fresh green and fertile.. la..

 This one I like most..turmeric plant, the fat one..wallah !

But..erk..not for this. Sorry..

 I don't have any idea what happen to this tomato plant? By default, you should count on weather as well :) has not enough love from you. Yes, you.

Lil Fatin got letter from America.

How suweeeet !

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why you grow up so fast, adik.

Look, she's already 2 y.o. Oh grew up in a blink of eye from my perspective. You wanna know why adik? Coz you can talk like an 'orang tua' already (ditambah perisa dengan slang utagha)...yet you are still small adik. Please wait for mama to catch you up dear.

No abah this year..

However, we have our beloved opah & wan to celebrate with..Again for the second year, Fatin's birthday was celebrated at granny's home.

I can say, Fatin inherit a balance traits of her parents', me and my husband. Not to discuss further. I'm sure all parents want the best for their children. Work for it and pray to Allah. I could also experience dissimilar case in raising up both of them.That's the beauty of life.

Last but not least, can you see what is the time this post was published?? I should continue with my grant application since I have promised my co-sv to submit to her tomorrow although my spirit and soul was more to bed...huwaaa..tomorrow is Saturday maa....


** Blog sebagai pengubat ngantuk aku sebenarnya...pheewww...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Lawak Angry Birds

"Ko pk angry ko je. Angry Allah ko tak pk"
"Sabar..solat ko dah level bape dah?"
"Aku tanya ko, solat aku punya level aku kena pk gak.."

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Abah, this is your eldest daughter 2012 schedule.

Early morning at 7.30 am...

"Kakak..wake up. It's time to go to school"

Kakak bangun terus, semangat seh..nak pegi kindy (walaupun kindy sama je mcm sebelum ni). Senang banyak keje mama dia.

"Harini syifa 6 years old ye mama?" (ukur ketinggian dia dekat badan mama)
"Syifa dah sampai armpit mama dah..dulu syifa sampai pinggang mama je.." (sengih kesukaan)

After a hard work of thinking last year, I came with this final decision. Thanks for those who had given me their views and encouragements. Most complicated decision I've ever made for her. They know why...

Tadika kreatif from 8.30 to 12 a.m.
Van pick up at 12. (women driver & driver must wear tudung, a request from her)

Send to Tahfiz Impian Kasih (TIK).
TIK from 12 to 5.30 p.m.

Besides seeing her delighted with the decision, I also manage to save 70 ringgit monthly for her school fees compared to last year. from Allah.