Monday, October 10, 2011

She passed the basic conversation

Since I sent SAZ to one of the so called 'International Kindergarten' by the locals in Nibong Tebal, her capability in English Communication is never been tested in front of me. One day, while we were having our late lunch at Dimiral's Grill (western restaurant owned by a Malay Doctor) where the workers (waiters) are all foreigner, SAZ was asked a few questions by them.

Woker: What is your name?
SAZ: Syifa
Worker: How old are you?
SAZ: Five (showing her 5 fingers)
Worker: Do you want ice cream?
SAZ: Yes.. (nodding her head)
Worker: What flavor do you want?
SAZ: Chocolate.

Very well done girl ! I just staring with patience at their conversation. As I know, since little, SAZ is a very shy person especially when confronted with strangers or people she rarely met. She will zip her mouth and looking at me or her father to answer on behalf of her if she was questioned. The above conversation might seem too easy or simple, but for me, she had impressed me a lot with her progress. Besides, she also had impressed me with unexpected answer while we were shopping.

Me: Syifa, you stay here, I want to get something. Pls do not touch anything on the rack okay.
SAZ: Mama, I already touched ..(with big grinned)
Me: My dear..

It is a pleasure to have teachers who had put much efforts to train my SAZ. I mustn't deny that I can't do that not because of not enough time or busy, but truthfully due to my less patience in teaching the kids.

SAZ was sent to Fardhu Ain class from 3 to 5 pm. I'll write more about her progress on the different aspect in future.

"I mustn't feel proud of myself for not able to teach my kids as a real mother does. Please forgive me."



  1. Well done Syifa! Ank aku jgk masih pemalu lg nk jawab klu org tny. Huhu. Nway, thnks rin invite aku kw blog ko. :)

  2. No pressure izu, macam ko ckp. As long as we gave them proper education (even tho not directly by us) they will improve one day. InsyaAllah..