Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Inspiring thoughts for those who are still in the battleship

Quote from inspiring words of Dr Thien Lee Mei. It's the biggest wake up call for me indeed.
Dear all,

It is always a miracle when you believe that you can do it. Yes, I submitted my 10 copies for viva within two years. It seems unbelievable especially when I was a part timer in my first 11 months. Within this period, I slept almost 3 hours only per day and woke up at 3am to read articles for almost 3 hours daily. This is the only time that I have to pursue my PhD with the agreement to my family and children that they should be prioritized over my PhD.

However, this is definitely not good for mental health. Therefore, I decided to take non-paid leave to continue my studies. No choice, because I fail to get scholarship from KPM, not even call for interview too. Subsequently, i convert to be a full time student at my 12th months till to date. As such, I told myself that I must success! 2 years is my target. Programming my mind that there is no time to frustrated, cry or demotivated etc even though I encountered it. The only thing that in my mind is look for alternatives in order to solve the problem asap. Setting up the time frame for each stage of research process (proposal defense, data collection, previva, viva etc) and it must be achieved! Even waiting for viva, I still wake up earlier to read articles and write paper. Actually, I did enjoy this kind of life.

No doubt, to produce a sound and justifiable thesis is not an easy task. There are uncountable difficulties and obstacles that have to be overcome throughout the whole research process. Therefore, writing a thesis needs a great deal of knowledge, skill, persistence, time management, commitment, and ingenuity. Really think and behave like a PhD scholar. Moreover, having a committed and knowledgeable supervisor; critical peers who always challenge and question me about the content of the thesis from a variety of aspects; and knowledge networking from the same and different field are always be the advantages.

Completing the PhD thesis serves as a starting point for me to deepen my knowledge in doing research. Hope I can contribute my limited knowledge to this academic group from time to time.

Above is just my personal experience in pursuing the journey. Of course, different people have different way to achieve his or her target. Hopes this is only a personal experience sharing and serve no more than that. Thanks again and all the best! Enjoy your life with PhD studies because it is so precious to us.

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