Thursday, September 20, 2012

Part 1: Kembara ilmu 'Selatan Thai' bersama Tihani & Az Zahra

The blog had been silent for quite some times, but not the blog owner. So many things happened these few months and the most touching experiences was when both my kiddos were admitted in ward.  

If I'm not mistaken, some day before Aidilfitri last month, my abah mentioned about Krabi trip. Once heard about 'Krabi' I quickly suggested that I am so much interested to join abah. Frankly, I first heard about Krabi a few month ago when my friend in PSP text-ed me telling that they will be going for a vacation in Krabi bringing all her 5 kids aged between 2 to 7 years old and what impressed me was that they will drive there with they own car. Another thing that struck me at that time was how was she going to handle all her 5 small kids simultaneously. I do some research about Krabi soon after that to know what is special about the place. Got it. I am very sure I will get a new fresh experiences in Krabi. You all gonna know why by following this entry till the end.

Our travel route which took us almost 1500 km (return)

We are not going there by plane, nor by car. Here is our transport.

We traveled in a group of 43 people where 80% of them were the experienced one (pensioners) :). Some of them had traveled to more than 9 countries in Europe and many more in Middle East and Asia. Hurm...inspired me..

The beauty of this journey was it was infused alternately with some short 'tazkirah' by the trip organizer himself (Bro Nik) and VCD ceramah agama Ustaz Azhar Idrus. All the participants were also constantly be reminded of the importance of performing Solat including Solat-Solat sunat apabila menjejakkan kaki ke masjid to get blessings from Allah SWT.  We have visited a number of Masjid in Krabi and also in Phuket Island. Along the way, we were reminded and felt amazed of the greatness of our Creator. MasyaAllah, what a nice journey I've ever had.

Masjid Wilayah Krabi

With some of the trip participants in front of a huge mosque in Krabi.

Passing the Sadao border at nearly 12 am, me and hubby carrying the sleepy kids to stamp our passport. Then, we just passed by Dannok town which is adjacent to Sadao, admiring the foods selling at the stalls along the aisles. Luckily the bus driver stopped in the heart of town center of Hatnyai (around 2 hours journey from Dannok). Imagine what time that was! It was nearly 2.30 am. There were also many Halal stalls selling eye-catching foods and the taste was heaven.

Udang ni 40 Baht per piece = RM 4 saja sekoq

Tak tanya pulak sotong katok ni berapa harga

Pulut durian ni di mana-mana pun ada. But I opted for pulut ayam. Dapat makan 3 kali pulut ayam di sana. Satisfied..hahahaha. Gambar takda la pulak sebab bungkus makan atas bas.

This was the place where bomb blast incident were happened in Hatnyai in April 2012. We already planned for Hatnyai visit with USM teammate a week after the incident, unfortunately it need to be cancelled. Alhamdulillah, Allah had made the best arrangement for us. Stalls that we were having our supper was just in front of these hotels. Indeed, a very strategic place and I guess there will be a lot of Muslims here as there are a lot of Halal foods nearby. Oh Allah, please protect our brothers and sisters here.

Heyya, this is just the end of Part 1. So stay tune with us for more fascinating stories. Let my mama take a deep breathe so that she can compose more stories..:) Lemme tell you one secret. She actually hates writing too long. Come on mama, you can do it.

Am I being a good girl all the way mama?

p/s: Some pictures courtesy from Abg Sham & Kak Fairus - They provided quality pictures taken using DSLR I guess :)

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